Colorbond Huts

The ever popular Colorbond  roofing sheets give an “Australian” feel to their structure. Backyard shelter or carport, we can make them in  square, rectangular or hexagonal shape. Just let us know your preference!

  • All Colorbond Gazebos are made with a structural eave, where each rafter extends 300mm out past the beam, strengthening the roof sheets against lifting in heavy wind, and conforming to Australian Standards.
  • Optional extras include guttering and fascia boards.
  • Colorbond Gazebos can be made with a raised “koda”roof to let out out heat or to function as a skylight.
  • Colorbond roofing sheets are offered in a large range of 20 natural colours, reflecting the Australian landscape with hues in white, grey, green, blue and red.

Click on the images to see a gallery of some of our gorgeous Colorbond Huts and Gazebos

Colorbond gallery
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  1. Could you please give me an estimate for the colourbond gazebo 3 x 4 size – just an estimate (not including the deck, and including a termite resistant deck). Thanks. Lesley

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