Bali Huts

We make all types of Bali Huts in Square, Rectangular, and Traditional Splayed Rafter. We use only Grade “A” Alang Alang thatch imported from Bali, and the best Australian Treated Pine timber. Decking and railings optional features quoted separately.

  • Square and Rectangular Bali Huts are ideal options for small areas, beside pools and provide good spa shelters.
  • Custom sizes are available, or choose from a range of standard sizes.
  • All Gazebo Style Bali Hut purchases include genuine Balinese Terracotta dress pieces, galvanised fixings, bags of cement, and stained timber frame and posts in your choice of 3 colours, Merbau, Redwood and Traditional (dark brown).
  • Thatch spacings are 80mm apart, with a 40° roof pitch together ensures a completely waterproof shelter.
  • Grade “A” Balinese white string thatch is a natural insulator and traps cool air, making the hut up to 10° cooler underneath.
  • Traditional Splayed Rafter Bali Huts have that authentic Balinese feel, with splayed rafters to show off detailed timber work, and authentic Balinese hand-carved ceiling pieces.
  • Traditional Bali Huts come with square posts, and can be in a square or rectangular shape.
  • Gazebo Style makes these huts with a structural eave, (where rafters continue 300mm out from the beam and are finished off with a support batten), conforming to Australian Standards and presenting an attractive finish to the rafters themselves.
  • As with all Gazebo Style Bali Huts, thatch spacings are standard 80mm apart, together with a 40° roof pitch, ensures complete waterproofing.

Click on the image below to see a gallery of some of our finest Bali Huts.

Bali Huts
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